May 10, 2009

Poo Vasam - Anbe Sivam

Fabulous Melody by Vidyasagar. I was reminded of this song when I heard this being sung recently by my absolute favorite Renu (I can't yet figure out why they don't use women's last name in India) in Airtel Super SInger competition on Vijay TV with another talented young man Arul.

The hero of this movie is an artist and this song is sung in the movie while he was asked to paint a mural in the company owned by the evil father of the heroine, who is in love with him.

"The smell of a flower will start its travel when I begin drawing a flower. When I draw fire, it will come and burn your finger. If all those that don't have life get life, what will happen to me who already has life? I am a drawing who gets/buys life"

"Drawings are created by joining dots; Hearts join similarly in epics; Just as lines become parts of drawing, little fights become true love; To draw the sky you need blue paint; what color should I use to draw our love; Let us use the color of our blush with the brush that is the finger and draw our love!" - This is something. And in Tamil, it is brilliant!

"Where is the life in a drawing? It is in the eyes of the intent oberser. Where is love in a woman's body? It is where a man doesn't touch. You are an artist who is also a poet; and an artist who knows to woo the women; Just the way the rain tricks the clouds and joins the soil fall in my lap and join me".

I have attached here Renu and Arul singing it as well as the original from the movie.

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