May 17, 2008

Mayakkum Maalai - Kulebagavali

Frankly, I have been pretty frustrated that I have not been able to find time to write more here, but since I switched to Vista, it has been next to impossible to get back to the environment I had for typing these up. My favorite Google now offers a fabulous transliteration service for Tamil
I highly encourage you to try it out. It does not get any better or easier than this.

Anyway, in one of those rare moments, I began listening to some of the old classics and here is one that is asking the "seducing evening" to leave soon and asking the "sweet night" to come fast...

Rather simple, but pretty rich in the old style tamil writing. The sprinkling of rose water is compared to light snow/dew; the green grass is laying the mat; the moon provides milk and honey and the singing breeze is the lullaby...

I don't really know what a punnai malar is, but I assume it is something sexy ;) You can view this beautiful song by Jikki and AM Raja in YouTube.

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