May 31, 2008

Malargale Malargale - Love Birds

What a great song!!! AR Rahman Rocks. The picturization is fantastic and I love Prabhu Deva. The only thing that Nagma brings to the table are her assets. What a waste!!! Can't they find someone who knows to act naturally?

Anyways... The lyrics is awesome... "If I hide in your chest, it is possible for the cupid to kill me with his arrow, so let me hide under your long hair" She asks "Do you want to make my long hair to be the bedroom for you, my lover; Is it fair that the flowers that usually adorn my hair forget to do so?" The implication being that by making it a bedroom the flowers don't want anything to do with her hair anymore ;)

The usual "My oxygen is in your breath and your words are in my speech" is woven very nicely in the first charanam. "If the flowers had tongues and the breeze had mouth, they will all be saying Love!". I remember feeling this way when I was young, every moment of my life and every thing that I saw connected me to my teenage love (now, my wife of 26 years).

"If the moon knew Tamil and the waves knew language they will be writing poems on us and toss us up in the air". "Our lives are as integrated and intertwined as the skies and the blue color". So beautiful.. Every time I look up in the blue skies, I will remember this romanticism. Oh, I just cannot stop listening to this...


Jayakumar said...

Hi nice blogs to read and getting more asongs in tamil.

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Anonymous said...

wat a great song

Swetha said...

hi ravi.. u have taken gr8 efforts to write the song and post it.. i appreciate tat but there are a few mistakes in between, try to correct them :) take care.. keep it going.. good one..

Ravi said...


I really appreciate you taking the time to send me the corrections. I was embarrassed on the one hand to have made such mistakes (and am scared to imagine how many more are there in other posts), on the other hand, I blame it on the music directors and singers for making it so hard to discern what the singers are singing.

I hope I did all the changes correctly. If there are still mistakes, please post them in the comment. If I did not make all the corrections properly, my apologies.

Thanks again.


Badri said...


so far, i was relating to the song only in terms of the melody which is awesome but only on reading your post and your translation (btw,i can read, write and enjoy Tamil rather fluently) did i enjoy the lyrics as well. Thank you.

Hariharan has not done justice to the power of the lyrics as much as Chitra and that has perhaps hindered your capturing the lyrics



ilsa said...

Hi Ravi,

I guess this line "உன்னோடு உயிரை போல" will be "ஊனோடு உயிரை போல ".... "ஊன்" means "உடல்"..

sony said...

Fantastic job.....!!!!!!..... love dis blog.... :)

Anonymous said...

very nice collection of songs, thnks, pls do posts lot of nice songs